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remote control ride on car

kids ride-on main produces remote control ride on car,remote control ride on car that can be controlled remotely by radio remote control model car. Generally can be divided into several categories: toys, scale models
Common remote control model car (Radio control the R / C), means that the remote control, remote control model. Remote control cars children's toy car? No contact with the remote control model friends may think that remote control car is the mall to buy the kind of remote control toys for children to play, in fact, this is a wrong understanding. The general definition of toys "designed or intended for use for 14-year-old children's games product". Remote control model car for more than 14 years old, who has some knowledge and intelligence. And, more importantly, play remote control model car requires experience, economic base, wisdom and commitment, and has a certain amount of danger. Its high performance is impossible to provide kids toys, remote control model car is a sporty
Remote control model car for short RC Car, remote control model car is not a toy, it is actually a scaled-down version "of the" real car, it has a car the same powertrain (engine, gears), as well as the suspension system; performance tires, can bear with F1 considerable 4 G of centrifugal force. Has a feeling of control of who the real car supercar. Remote control model car is enlarged to the size of the real car, Ferrari, Porsche is not its opponent, 1:8 (real car down to 8) internal combustion engine flat road remote control model cars, for example, in just 1.6 acceleration from 0-100KM seconds to complete, and you can easily reach 140KM, how can a child's toy, where there is such a performance it! More simpler remote control model car is actually the epitome of a true sports car, but we are not sitting in the car control Bale.
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