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go carts for kids

kids ride-on main produces go carts for kids,go carts for kids popular type is divided and contest two popular type known as "leisure", the speed of this car is not soon, a top speed of 80 km / h.
Contest Kart maximum speed of 130 km / h speed of 300 due to its very low chassis (only 4 cm away), so the relative speed of the riders feel is 2-3 times higher than the actual speed, that is to say feelingkm / h, in particular in the corners will produce 3-4 times the gravity lateral acceleration, the rider to experience a general car reach the fun. Precisely kart has a simple structure, high security and great racing features, extremely popular and popular in Europe and Japan and other countries, as most of the world famous F1 drivers: Ayrton Senna, Brazil, French champion Alain Prost. German Michael Schumacher, the Flying Finn Mika Hakkinen, of Japan famous Gang wood tiger referral by the kart into the motor racing. So Kart has been hailed as the cradle of the "F1.
Kart movement began in 1940 in Eastern Europe and gradually spread, until the late 1950s, the popularity in Europe and the United States and the rapid development of this movement was called the "high card (GO KART). The end of the 1950s, it was no longer satisfied Leisure kart only athletic activity as the main form of kart racing competition also extensive, but very loose form of organization, vehicle specifications and rules of the game are not unified. Promote karting sport in the world order prevent gravity and guidance of the correct development of uniform standards to facilitate the jurisdiction of the sport in 1962 by the International Automobile Federation, when any main initiative established FIA Karting Commission, responsible world-wide popularity to promote karting sport, to oversee the implementation of unified rules and technical standards, the foreign language referred to as the CIK-FIA. After nearly 16 years of evolution, Karting Commission in 1978 established that the restructured the new kart committee of the International Automobile Federation, the then 15 member associations. Since then, karting sport has changed dramatically in modern karting movement kart to enter a new period of development, and making it to the Hyundai Motor sports culture, especially in Formula One racing driver foundation and bridges. Has reached 80 million people worldwide each year participate in all kinds of activities in karting.
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