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kids ride-on is a china electric vehicles manufacturer,Through trade channels, the products are sold in world famous retailers such as Wal-Mart, TRU and TGA, and recognized by our clients.
Electric car battery life of premature aging of the reasons
Why your electric vehicle batteries produce premature aging short-lived? Following Xiaobian finishing a few points, and is willing to help everyone batteries premature aging causes cognitive:
, The owner of the battery maintenance consciousness nothing, resulting in serious damage to the sulfide battery. Must wait for the battery has not run only over repair and maintenance, repair more difficult this time. In fact, 6 months warranty, lifetime natural extension of many, but the owners do not have this awareness. Battery damage, mostly caused by excessive water loss from the charger to start.
2, big battery factory technical innovations, causing consumers to lose fooled recognized brand name. What technological innovations? Reduce the raw material, the joint-operated factory to build more several products ISO9001 certification, still one year warranty. Battery industry chain everyone is happy at the expense of consumers.
3 charger killers. Sub-of inferior chargers and aging charger, battery killer generally in Battery eight months later to play the killer role. Reason, the new battery in line with the tastes of these battery killer, with the aging of the battery, the battery can not meet the killer demanded, to a year in June, the battery rapid dehydration scrapped deformation.
4, luxury electric car start-up current, resulting in sulfide battery. If the owners start the car, slow acceleration, battery life and naturally increase mileage by 20%.
The motor controller damage not cause battery short-lived probability, but many.
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